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"When I decide not to be a doctor but being a crafter"

This paragraph is true. When the passion and love for crafts and art for me is great beyond anything. Spend the school years in public school and medical school after the design school entrance request was ignored. Actually it does not hindering intentions and desires to produce some project of craft and artworks. All kinds of crafts have been made such as ribbon embroidery, wire jewelry, beads, embroidery, paintings, tie dyes, batik, clay models, but only Decoupage, sospeso trasparente and recent sculptural paintings are really studied seriously. Until through several Workshops and classes, meet directly with the masters and even travel to other parts of the world to gain the knowledge. 

Sculpture Painting is something that I think a new Art trend. Something very interesting when I finally can meet directly with Evgenia Ermilova, which so far can be stalking through her social media accounts only.

At the first time I could only guess how to make it but after met her there was a little doubt, could I ?? because the hardest thing I found while learning some Sculpture Painting techniques was because she was left left-handed and I was dominant with my right hand.

Further, I become accustomed and more comfortable, 5 days I spent at least 8 hours a day of my time to learn some techniques of Sculpture Painting in Ivanovo, a small town which is located 6 hours fr om Moscow.

The happiest thing afterward when I was recognized as the exclusive partner of Evgenia Ermilova's school based on Russia wh ere I had the right to develop this newest knowledge in my country Indonesia.

After returning to Indonesia, my partner and I had a plan and managed to arrange an introduction Workshops and classes 4 times in 2 different big cities, Bandung and Jakarta, just to introduce what it is Sculpture Painting in just 4 weeks since our return from Russia.

At the beginning of this new year, I encourage myself to create some projects and expand the Sculpture Painting further, and plans to certify my students.

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There is nothing happier than being able to share this knowledge with many people.

Regards Sculpture Painting Indonesia.