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Nissa Nuraini is a full time crafter from Bandung-Indonesia

"I fell in love on handmade things since i was 9 years old"

I remember when I got an art assignment at school most of my classmates felt stressed while I was enjoying it. Even when I was in college studying biology, the thing I liked best was drawing and coloring what i saw under a microscope. I did not realize I was so into art until I was pregnant and waiting for the birth of my first child. There I began to have a great time exploring my hobby on handmade. 

In 2008 I founded Naturacraft brand where I can be creative, sell my work, provide materials for fellow crafter. I became Certified Teacher for Decoupage and Sospeso Trasparente, also participated in several International Decoupage Exhibition. I regulary teaching at my studio and some other cities.. 

Until on 2017 I fell in love with Sculpture Painting, a new trend that was initiated by Evgenia Ermilova. That love of art can fly me away to other parts of the world far from Indonesia, yes i manage to came to Russia!! And the rest is history..

And now here I am, as a Certified Teacher of Sculpture Painting and Naturacraft as a Sole Distributor for Indonesia is ready to share this magic of art with all of you.. 

Meet me at my Instagram account @naturacraft