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Welcome to the section for partners. Here you can find and download materials that can be officially used in your work. Basic rules for use:

1. In work you are obliged to use certificates of school Eugenia Ermilova. It is forbidden to embed the logos of your studio, or your personal logo on these certificates. Any change to the certificate without the consent of the central office is not allowed. 

2. You can use color schemes in your work. You cannot insert your logos on these schemes, modify them in any way, or use similar schemes of our own design without the consent of the Central Office. 

3. You have no right to publish these schemes in a form suitable for printing in any open source. 

4. You must inform your students that the publication of these schemes in open sources is prohibited. 

5. You have no right to publish links to video courses in open sources and are obliged to warn your students about the responsibility for such a publication. 

6. You do not have the right to transfer to someone without coordination with the Central Office links and serial numbers for video courses. You do not have the right to show these video courses in public. 

7. The sanction for violation of these conditions is the exclusion of you from the certification program for teachers and the presentation of an appropriate civil action lawsuit in case your actions have caused significant commercial damage. 

8. In your actions, you must be guided first of all by the interests of the brand Evgenia Ermilova