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How to become a partner with Evgenia Ermilova ™ brand

Our company manufactures and sells high-quality materials and tools for artistic technique "sculptural painting" under the trademark of Evgenia Ermilova ™ - creating three-dimensional images from decorative plaster.We produce our materials in Russia and export worldwide. We are looking for active and goal-oriented development partners.

We are interested in partnerships with wholesale companies importing creative materials, retail stores or DIY studios, artists and craft teachers.

We can offer you the following partnership options:

1. Direct distribution.

2. CO-distribution.

3. Become a Certified Teacher.

4. Organization of joint procurement.

5. Host Evgenia Ermilova workshops in your region

6. Partnership with promoted artists and influenses

1. Direct distribution.

For whom: Wholesale company - an importer of materials for creativity, retail store, handmade studio

Requirements for a partner: availability of opportunities for importing materials and organizing sales, availability of funds for investment in the purchase of materials.

You buy for your money a wholesale batch of our materials and organize sales in the territory allocated to you (city, country, group of countries).


- the fastest way to make a profit
- discounts for volumes of purchases, bonuses with regular orders
- payment in two stages (50% prepayment, 50% before sending the batch)
- the absence of time-bound mandatory purchases (if there is no contract for an exclusive)
- the possibility of granting exclusive rights to work within a certain territory (subject to the procurement limit)
- the possibility of organizing a master class for artist Evgenia Ermilova in your country
- the head of the community of certified teachers - each certified teacher from your accountable territory is obliged to conclude an agreement on the supply of materials in you
- the possibility of organizing co-distribution
- marketing support on our website, in social networks, conducting joint marketing campaigns
- we send you all incoming requests for the purchase of materials received from your territory

What you need to do to start partnership negotiations:

- Contact by whats App +79969182346 or Email in-co@mail.ru with the manager of the wholesale purchases and partnership (Artem - speaks Russian and English) - Provide the manager with information about your company and sales opportunities for our materials

- Receive by mail a price list and place an order of at least 500 kg of decorative plaster

NB! To test the order and market research, you can order a smaller amount of decorative plaster (from 100 kg), but in this case, we will not be able to permanently place your contact information on our website.

- Next, we make an announcement that we have a partner in the territory allocated to you, place your contacts on our website and social networks, start sending you all incoming requests from your territory

- The next step is we are planning a closer partnership, for example, the visit of Evgenia Ermilova or one of our certified teachers to your country (city), joint marketing activities, etc.

2. CO-distribution.

Partner Requirements:

- the presence of a point of sale, or online store
- the presence of a valid distributor in the region


- no gross investment is required for the purchase of a large bulk batch of material
- do not need an import license
- we add you to the list of partners on the site and in social networks

Cooperation description

If you want to sell our materials in retail or small wholesale, and we already have our Direct Distributor in your region, or you are not able to order large quantities of products, we will be happy to offer you a partnership on a co-distribution basis.

To do this, you need to contact our partner in your region and find out from him the minimum volume of bulk purchases, make a bulk purchase. Then the partner contacts us and we add you to the list of partners in this region. Opportunities for other cooperation options (organizing master classes, joint marketing campaigns, etc.) are possible only with the notification of the main distributor.

Certified teacher

Requirements for participation

- You must be an acting artist or teacher
- Our distributor must be represented in your region (this level of partnership can be combined with the distribution of materials, therefore, we consider training and certification of partners even if there is no distributor in the region)
- You undertake to use in your work exclusively the materials of the brand Evgenia Ermilova™
- Mandatory conclusion of a contract with a distributor (if available)


- it is not necessary to engage in the sale of materials, you can only earn money on training
- we, as well as our distributor in the region, provide you with all kinds of support (discounts, promotion consulting, announcements of your master classes, etc.)
- cool certificate, saying that Evgenia Ermilova herself recommends you as a teacher
- discounts on materials provided by our partner in the region
- free teaching materials, standardized certificates for your students, free access to some video courses

Cooperation description

If your artist or teacher of arts and craft and the main business is not selling materials, but that you give master classes, we recommend you to partnership as a certified teacher. We train you and certify, issue you a special certificate giving you the right to teach on behalf of the School Yevgenia Yermilova, provide you with marketing support, provide you with free methodological materials. You get the opportunity to legally use in your work the corporate style of our school, standardized certificates for your students. In addition, the certificate of the teacher, which we issue to you, says that you provide high-quality training in sculptural painting and the author of this direction himself - Evgenia Ermilova recommends you as a teacher.