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Russia. Owner of Sculpture painting school - Evgenia Ermilova

The level of teaching: highest, the founder of the school. The right of certification of teachers of the base and high level
Hi. My name is Evgenia Ermilova. I am the author of the art technique "sculptural painting". I create exclusive watches, panels, mirrors and other interior items, as well as give master classes in this technique.
I have already trained more than 1000 masters from Russia, Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Indonesia, Singapore, India, China and other countries. A large number of my students already give master classes. I am a professional artist-colorist, but to practice sculptural painting does not need art education (do not even need to be able to draw). I have developed a unique system of teaching, thanks to which everyone can learn how to create beautiful flowers from bulk plaster in 1 master class.

Personal Instagram: @evgenia_ermilova
School account - @sculpture_painting
Partnership account - @evgenia_ermilova_partnership

UAE and Gulf countries. Certified teacher - madame Fatma Al Darmaki

The level of teaching: highest
My name is Fatma Al Darmaki am the owner of Crafty Cottage & Manual Art Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Fatma is an international professional trainer for crafts techniques and sculpture painting certificated from Artist Evgenia Ermilova.
Crafty Cottage center is GCC and Middle East country certified distributor for Evgenia’s Plaster.

اسمي فاطمه الدرمكي، صاحبة مركز كرفتي كوتج للفنون في دولة الامارات العربيه المتحده - ابوظبي.
فاطمه مدربه معتمده دوليا لتقنيات الاشغال اليدويه ومعتمده من الفنانه ايفجينيا لتقنية تشكيل وهيكلة الرسم.
مركز كرفتي كوتج موزع معتمد لمادة البلستر الخاصه بايفجينيا لدول الخليج والشرق الاوسط.

Instagram: @craftycottage

Indonesia, Malasia and Thailand. Certified teachers - madame Nissa Nuraini & Rhenevia Yuli Setiana

The level of teaching: highest
On a cold November 2017 two lady flew all the way from Indonesia to Russia just to learn Sculpture Painting. Why did they do that? it's only because of their love of art. Nissa and Rhene are both a long time crafter & teacher who got inspired by @evgenia_ermilova Instagram page since early 2017. Their passion has brought them to meet with Evgenia Ermilova in person and get the chance to learn about Sculpture Painting. After spending days of learning and training they became the official partners of Evgenia Ermilova School. Rhene who is the owner of "Rhe Art and Craft" being entitled as Sculpture Painting certified teacher. The same with Nissa from @naturacraft, not also became a certified teacher but also as the sole distributor of Evgenia Ermilova Brand for Indonesia. Since then, Evgenia's fans in Indonesia also got excited about this art. No need long time after they came back to their country, lots of art lover start to learn about this art to them. And now Sculpture Painting has become a new trend in Indonesia

Instagram: @naturacraft and: @rhenevia

Greece. Certified teacher - madame Olga Metimaki

The level of teaching: high
My name is Olga. I was born and grew up in Moscow. I graduated from the University. My husband is a Greek, and the last 10 years we live in Greece in Crete.
I always felt in touch with the world of art. I play the piano and guitar, I sang in a small musical group, I paint pretty good. I took interest in decoupage for the first time 4 years ago. Once upon a time I saw sculptural painting and understood that's perfectly for me and I loved it.
Since then, follow training the sculptural painting under the guidance of Eugenia Ermilova, having received the teacher's certificate, I teach the technique of sculptural painting all over Greece and Cyprus.

Το όνομά μου είναι Όλγα, Γεννήθηκα και μεγάλωσα στη Μόσχα.Αποφοίτησα από το Πανεπιστήμιο της Μοσχας. Ο σύζυγός μου είναι Έλληνας και τα τελευταία 10 χρόνια μενουμε στην Ελλάδα στην Κρήτη.
Ήμουν πάντα διπλα στον κόσμο της τέχνης. Παίζω πιάνο και κιθάρα, τραγούδησα σε μια μικρή μουσική ομάδα, ζωγραφίζω καλά. Αρχισα να ασχολούμαι με το ντεκουπαζ πριν από 4 χρόνια, αλλά μόλις είδα τη γλυπτική ζωγραφική συνειδητοποίησα ότι αυτό μ αρεσει πολυ να κανω!
Από τότε ακολουθώντας την εκπαίδευση της γλυπτικής ζωγραφικής απο την Ευγενία Ερμιλόβα, αφού πηρα το πιστοποιητικό διδασκαλίας, διδάσκω την τεχνική γλυπτικής ζωγραφικής σε όλη την Ελλάδα και στην Κύπρο.
Στο ηλεκτρονικό μου κατάστημα στο Facebook, προσφέρω υλικά για γλυπτική ζωγραφική με το εμπορικό ονομα "Eugenια Ermilova".
In my online store in Facebook, I offer materials for sculptural painting under the brand of Eugenia Ermilova.

Instagram: @sculptural_painting_greece
Whats App: +30 6944030403

USA and Canada - madame Laurel Pulvers

Laurel Pulvers is an artist based out of Southern California. She began her artistic career studying hand-embroidery in France with a noted artisan over many years. From there she took private commissions for fashion and interior designers in hand embroidery. Now she continues this tradition of learning from another artist, Evgenia Ermilova, to learn sculptural painting and bring this technique back to the United States for the first time.

Whats App: +1(310)922-4585

Latvia and over Baltic countries - madame Marina Koroleva

Marina Koroleva is an artist based out of Riga, Latvia. She is certified teacher in Evgenia Ermilova sculpture painting school and her company Art-clay studio "Martina" is an distributor of Evgenia Ermilova brand in the North Europe.

Instagram: @art_clay_studio_martina

Iran & Germany - madame Sharareh Tabatabaei

The level of teaching: highest
Madame Sharareh Tabatabaei is an handmade and sculpture painting designer from Tehran, Iran. She is a single certified sculpture painting teacher in Iran that learned sculpture painting in Russia from Evgenia Ermilova.

Instagram: @sharareh_tabatabaei
In December 2018 Sharareh start sculpture painting education and Evgenia Ermilova plaster sales in Germany

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