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Decorative plaster and over materials of Evgenia Ermilova brand

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Reliefka "Violet" 180 g

Reliefka "Violet" is a special decorative plaster for relief painting. Allows you to create a three-dimensional ornament, with a thickness of 3 to 10 mm. You need to put pressure on the tube and draw the element.

Reliefka has a uniform plastic consistency and good adhesion, which makes it easy to use. No pre-priming of the surface is necessary. After complete drying, it becomes hard as a stone.

If you cut the spout of the container wider, then the thickness of the line will increase. Before each new use, check for the absence of a film on the spout of the tube.

Reliefka "Violet" has a cool deep shade of purple and matches the tone of the plaster of the same name for sculptural painting. The relief pattern of a rich color goes well with other shades of the palette: "Amethyst "and" Lavender mist". You can add a ready-made set for sculptural painting "Dark".

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