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Decorative plaster and over materials of Evgenia Ermilova brand

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Reliefka "Powder" 180 g

Reliefka "Powder" is a specially developed plaster for relief painting. It is necessary to create a three-dimensional pattern, up to 10 mm thick. Reliefka plaster can be used to work with a stencil and in pasty painting with a palette knife. It is not necessary to pre-prime the surface before applying. The material has good adhesion.

To get a relief pattern, you need to press on the tube and draw. If you need to increase the thickness of the line, you need to cut off the spout from the tube. After opening, before each new use, check for the absence of a film on the hole.

Reliefka "Powder" has the most delicate pink-purple shade.Light powdery color can be combined with light pink and delicate lilac shades of the palette of the brand "Evgenia Ermilova". For example, with "Pink smoke", "Lavender mist" or "Mauve". The relief ornament made by "Powder" will perfectly complement the paintings from the finished set of decorative plaster "Light".

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