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Decorative plaster and over materials of Evgenia Ermilova brand

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Reliefka "French vanilla" 180 g

Reliefka "French vanilla" is a special plaster for relief painting, which allows you to create a three-dimensional ornament up to 10 mm. You can draw a pattern directly from the tube by pressing on it. A small package of 180 g is convenient to use.

Reliefka "French vanilla" has a uniform consistency without fractions and good adhesion. It is not necessary to prime the surface before applying it.

Reliefka "French vanilla" is a soft yellow shade. The same tone as the plaster of the same name for sculptural painting. The light color can be combined with others from the "Evgenia Ermilova" palette: with "Tea rose", "Green tea" and "Peach parfait".

Where you can get this material and knowledge of sculpture painting from certified teachers?

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