Decorative plaster for sculpture painting White/ 1 kg
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Decorative plaster for sculpture painting White/ 1 kg

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Decorative plaster for sculpture painting White/ 1 kg

 Decorative plaster for sculpture painting "White"   - not tinted plaster for sculpture painting in the author's technique of Evgenia Ermilova "Sculptural painting". Packed in 1 kg plastic container.

 You can mix in any proportions with other plasters for sculptural painting, presented on the site, for additional shades.

Contains in the composition of natural fibers, which allows it to hold a volume of up to 5 cm, allows you to make thin petals, and also imparts "shaggy". It is applied by palette knife.

One kilogram of plaster on average is enough for 2-3 small art-works.

For more information on working with decorative plaster, please see my video courses .

The shelf life of the plaster in tightly closed containers is up to 2 years. In the open air dries up for 1-7 days depending on the layer. After drying, it becomes strong as a stone. Practically does not shrink. Do not crack when dry, observing the proper drying technology (do not use a hair dryer)

When thickening it is possible to add a little water and mix thoroughly without whipping.

After complete drying, it is recommended to cover with frosted varnish. This will protect the work from moisture and UV rays.


  • - In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water
  • - When working, it is advisable to use gloves and overalls. In case of contact with skin, wash with warm water and soap.
  • - Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • - Waste plasters should not be drained into the sewage system. Dispose of as construction waste.

This product is available in Russia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, Greece and other countries. In order to find out where you can buy decorative plaster for sculptural painting and other products of the brand "Evgenia Ermilova", click on the button:

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