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Decorative plaster and over materials of Evgenia Ermilova brand

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Tinted plaster for work in the author's technique Evgenia Ermilova «Sculptural painting» color «Ice». Decorative plaster «Ice» has the lightest tone in the palette of blue shades of decorative plaster brand «Evgenia Ermilova». The shade of dazzling light blue plaster resembles glaciers of the Arctic. In fact, ice should not have color. Since ice is frozen water, and water is a substance without taste, color and smell. But the glaciers of the Arctic have an incredibly beautiful blue color. What is the secret? All just explain the laws of physics. When the light beam passes through the thickness of the ice in the first place absorbed the red rays, and in the greatest depth penetrating blue. The same, cold, but beautiful and attractive color at plaster «Ice».Delicate light blue shade in sculptural painting is well suited to create a background picture and elegant colors: irises, asters, hydrangeas, delphiniums, clematis, bells, crocuses, Phlox, orchids and lilies. To create petals color «Ice»can be supplemented with other shades of blue palette: «Cote d'azur» and «Aquamarine». In sculptural painting delicate light «Ice» goes well with other light shades of the palette, such as «Peach parfait», «Old-pink» or «Powder».

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