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Decorative plaster and over materials of Evgenia Ermilova brand

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Tinted plaster to work in the author's technique Evgenia Ermilova «Sculptural painting» «Coralline» color.

The word «coral» in Greek means «daughter of the sea».
Coralline color was named after the eponymous marine invertebrate animal.
Long time, coral was considered to be plants. Only in the 19th century, a French researcher proved that the outside of a coral polyp is protected by a calcareous skeleton, and inside a living creature.

Coral color is at the junction between orange and pink. Depending on the saturation of the main color coral has a wide range of colors: from light orange-red to bright pink-red.

In the palette of decorative plaster brand «Evgenia Ermilova» for three-dimensional painting «Coralline» color is represented by a rich bright shade.
When mixed with white plaster, you can get a lighter tone.

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