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Decorative plaster and over materials of Evgenia Ermilova brand

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Tinted plaster for work in the author's technique Evgenia Ermilova «Sculptural painting» color «Anthracite». Decorative plaster of color «Anthracite» in the palette of the brand "Evgenia Ermilova" has beautiful cool gray color. «Anthracite» is the most intense and deep shades of grey. The plaster «Anthracite» is ideal for imitation of a surface of concrete or a stone. With its help, you can create a contrasting background that will enhance the colorfulness and brightness of the elements of colored plaster. In three-dimensional painting for less saturated colors, «Anthracite» should be mixed with white plaster. When you mix dark gray plaster with bright, you can get new deep colors. The name of the plaster «Anthracite» was in honor of the variety of coal. Anthracite is the oldest fossil coal. In metallurgy it is called "the most beautiful coal" for its grayish-black color and metallic luster with iridescent tints. It is such a beautiful and deep gray-black color of decorative plaster called «Anthracite» is presented in the palette of neutral shades of the brand «Evgenia Ermilova».

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